Achukma Nakni Chihowa Tribe

Achukma Nakni Chihowa Tribe is re-establishing it's Tribal Nation, traditions, Laws and Heritage.

Our Blood Line comes from the Aniyunwiya - the "principal people" or the Keetoowah - "people of Kituhwa known today as the Cherokee. Cherokee comes from the Creek word "Chelokee" which means "people of a different speech." Although the Cherokee language is Iroquoian it differs significantly from the other Iroquoian languages. The Cherokee originally called themselves the Aniyunwiya- the "principal people" or the Keetoowah - "people of Kituhwa and the Niitsitapi, also known as the Blackfoot or Blackfeet Indians.

So We are a Combination of Cherokee, Creek and Black Foot. We are Restalbishing our Tribe Based Off of Torah and the Worship of the Great Spirit.

Achukma Nation

Who is the Achukma Nation

We are the True people of the Land that is Called America and the True people of the book called the Scriptures

PROCLAMATION Achukma Nation is a Federally unrecognized American Aborigine (American Indian) Nation: The Achukma Nakni Chihowa Tribe as the Achukma Nation is self-governed in accordance tribal and torahicaVhalakhic laws. Thhe achukma Nation consists of a Tribal Government Tribal Council and Yerushalayim County Tribal Superior Court and Tribal Marshal. See 18 U.S.C. § 1151, Public Law 97-280 (96 Stat.1211) of 1982, 28 U.S.C. § 1738 and 18 U.S.C. § 2265. It is settled law that State courts have no jurisdiction over Indians or Indian affairs. Williams v. Lee, 358 u.s. 217 (1959); Rice v. Olson, 324 U.S. 786 (1945); Worcester v. Georgia, 31 U.S. (6Pet.) 5151 (1832); ex parte. This Instrument is issued in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People, by General Assembly A/61/U67 September 7th, 2007, United States Executive Order 12803, 25 USC 450(n), 25 USC 1301 , Executive Order 13899, Treaty series 881 , United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples on December 1960 UN GA/Res 1514(XV), and 23 C.F.R 89.3.

Notice of Other Treaties will be posted here.


GUADALUPE HIDALGO TREATY, Proclamation on the Treaty of Holston, THE ACHUKMA treaty 12 24 2017, The Treaty of Lochabar, Treaty of Hopewell 1785, Treaty of Philadelphia 1792, Treaty of Philadelphia 1795, Treaty of Tellico -2 1805, Treaty of Tellico 1806, Treaty of Tellico-1 1804, Treaty of the Cherokee 1798, Treaty of Washington 2, Treaty of Washington 1819, Treaty of Washington III, Treaty with the Cherokee 1806, Treaty with the Cherokee 1816

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